1. Public Art: McGill vs. Concordia

    03 Feb 2020
    Quebec, and especially Montreal, is known internationally as a hub for all different forms of art which serves as a point of pride for citizens, institutions and municipalities alike. This is displayed - usually - in their support of local artists through the Politique D’Integration law which requires 1% of…

  2. State of Surveillance: Google Street View as Artistic Medium

    01 Feb 2020
    By Olivia O’Neill Michael Wolf, a German artist and photographer whose work is centered around daily life, cites as the importance of photography that it “is really well suited for is documenting things.” With the advancement of technology and the new portability of cameras, almost everything is now documented, whether…

  3. Imagine Van Gogh: A Shiny Light Show Shielding Mediocrity

    25 Jan 2020
    By Jonathan Smilovitch  During the cold, dark Montreal winter break, it was almost impossible to avoid the luminescent imagery of Imagine Van Gogh. From ads to Instagram stories, the excitement surrounding the exhibit seemed inescapable. After touring around Europe, Paul Dupont-Hébert and Tandem’s exhibition is currently residing in Montreal…

  4. Molas: A Tradition Wrapped in a Political Statement

    20 Jan 2020
    After McGill’s stressful exam season, the winter break seems to open up a world of possibilities, and the opportunity to de-stress. This year I was fortunate enough to spend the holidays away from Canada’s cold in the tropical heat of Panama. Located on the isthmus between Central and South America,…

  5. If any food can be considered an art, it is bread

    04 Dec 2019
    By Olivia O’Neill One of the most interesting aspects of art is that it exists without a concrete definition or set of criteria. Therefore, its definition, and art itself, is constantly changing in relation to the culture in which it is created. An example of this is renaissance art, which…

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